Green Organic Tea from Assam

Savor the taste of freedom with Mukti Tea, a blend that encapsulates the spirit of liberation in every sip. Handcrafted with precision and passion, our teas are a testament to the rich cultural heritage of the East. From the pristine tea gardens of Assam to your cup, Mukti Tea offers an unparalleled journey of flavor and authenticity. Join us in celebrating the essence of liberation, one exquisite blend at a time


  • Tea Curation Expertise

  • Sustainable Sourcing Practices

  • Artisanal Blending and Processing

  • Wellness and Health Focus

  • Customer-Centric Approach

A Journey Through the World's Finest Varieties

From Ancient Traditions to Modern Delights: Exploring Tea’s Timeless Charms

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Quality Assurance

At Mukti Tea, quality is our top priority. We ensure that every leaf is meticulously selected, processed, and packaged to maintain the highest standards of excellence. Our teas undergo rigorous quality control measures at every stage of production, guaranteeing a consistently superior product that delights your senses with every sip

Ethical Sourcing

We take pride in our commitment to ethical sourcing practices. Our tea is sourced directly from trusted growers who share our values of sustainability, fair labor practices, and environmental stewardship. By choosing Mukti Tea, you not only enjoy premium quality tea but also support responsible farming methods that benefit communities and preserve the natural environment.

Exceptional Taste

Experience the unparalleled taste of Mukti Tea. Our carefully curated blends are crafted to perfection, capturing the authentic flavors and aromas of the finest tea leaves. Whether you prefer the bold richness of Assam or the delicate notes of Darjeeling, our diverse range of teas promises a sensory journey like no other. Indulge in pure bliss with every cup of Mukti Tea.

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We strive to exceed your expectations by providing exceptional products and personalized service. From prompt delivery to responsive customer support, we are dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction at every step of your tea journey. Join the Mukti Tea family and discover why our customers keep coming back for more.



Customer Stories: Hear From Our Satisfied Clients

Nandita Saha

It's purely Organic.

Soni Daimari

Mukti Tea is my go-to for quality teas! Their selection is superb, and their focus on sustainability is commendable. Ordering is easy, shipping is fast, and their customer service is excellent. Highly recommended for tea lovers!

Raja Saha

I m loving it.

Satya Deka

Mukti Tea is a gem! Their teas are top-notch, with a fantastic variety to choose from. I love their commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing. The website is user-friendly, shipping is prompt, and the customer service is outstanding. Highly recommend!